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Caring 4 You . Net's 10 Top NCLEX Tips

10. PRIORITIZE!! Remember to look for words that establish priority (most, first, best, & initial). These words will help you weed out info that you really don’t need!! Keep in mind Maslow’s hierarachy of needs, the nursing process, and patient safety. "Which patient should you see first?" is a popular question….understand the rules of management.

This is why I put together my Delegation and Prioritization seminar:

9. Know your NORMALS!! Normal lab and test values are good to know. They will help you decide when there is a problem or if it has already been fixed!

I put together a very helpful list for you in my NCLEX yahoo group.
Please go to yahoo group LOOK FOR LabValues.pdf UNDER FILES.

8. Stay CALM!! You will get questions that you will have little confidence on how to answer, but staying calm and using key words to pick the best answer will never lead you wrong.

This is why I put together a free version of meditation for the nclex on TALKSHOE episode 22

There is an extended version if anxiety is a real problem for you in the Delegation and Prioritization seminar

7. Always ASSESS before you IMPLEMENT. It is easy to get tripped up by implementing a nursing action before they assess the patient.

6. Assume you have an MD ORDER. There are no trick questions out there and the NCLEX wants to know if you know what to do as a nurse….not what the doc knows! So, your first response is probably not going to be "calling the doc".

5. Think PATIENT SAFETY at all times. Start remembering this mantra now because you will hear it over and over in practice.

4. The REAL WORLD is a different place from the NCLEX WORLD. Answer the questions by what you know from a textbook…..not what you remember about taking care of Mrs. X in your clinical rotation.

3. Remember the FIVE RIGHTS of MEDICATION administration. Know these frontwards, backwards, and sideways….you will use this on NCLEX and daily in the real world!

2. CONSIDER "THERAPEUTIC COMMUNICATION" WITH THE PATIENT. The wrong answers usually are ones that include you being a drill sergeant, asking closed-ended questions, or "why do you feel this way?" questions. Also be wary of any answers to patient questions that involve "don’t worry" or "that happened to me once".

1. REVIEW, STUDY, REVIEW, STUDY, REVIEW, STUDY!!!!!! Do not take the NCLEX until you have taken time to review what you learned in nursing school. One thing you did not learn in nursing school in an adequate amount was infection control. To fill this need, I have put together an infection control seminar.


  1. I took nclex yesterday at 8 am it stoped at 75 and I checked pearson trick i wet to payment part i am so mad

  2. hello my friend:

    Go to my website and see if you can do the quick results

    What can I do for you at this point? How do you feel I can help you?

    In the interim, here are some free resources that will help you with your NCLEX

    I focus on what the other review courses do not teach enough of Delegation, Prioritization, Infection Control and Working concepts for answering the nclex questions. If you need to be on a "finance plan" perhaps you should call 1856-392-9620 with specific questions and we can work something out. You can get the option that you feel is right for you and "Pay as you go".

    Let me know how I can help you from this point forward. Here are the options:

    Option One: Here is the information about the tutoring sessions. I have 120 NCLEX questions that I will only go over via tutoring after you watch my "8 Essential Concepts For The NCLEX" Video. I will post the questions on skype. I will allow you to try and answer them and then I MUST remove them but I will let you keep the rationale and take notes on the question. I have 120 so if you want to go through all of them it will take about 11 hours. However, you do not have to get the whole 11 hours. You can sign up for tutoring anywhere from 2 hours to 11 hours. If you get any tutoring, you MUST watch and take notes on this youtube video first:

    "8 Essential Concepts For The NCLEX"


    1). Pay for tutoring by clicking on the "Pay Now" button on the main page
    and changing the quantity to however many hours you wish to purchase. ( 2 -13 hours your choice ) It is $30.00 / hr for private and $20.00 /hr for group.

    2). You and I will then both receive an email confirming payment.

    3). Then download and install the FREE version of skype..

    4). You have to have a headset with a microphone. This is how we will talk.

    5). Set up an account for yourself.

    6). In the Skype name add my ID this is the same name as the website.

    7). Set up a time for tutoring. Please look at my calender to see what time is available for both you and I. -- Please email me if you want tutoring. Don't schedule yourself on the calander.

    EMAIL: tutoring
    GUEST LOGIN: nclex
    PASSWORD: futurenurse123

    8). Email or call me for a session


    Two: I can give you the Infection Control Seminar The Delegation Seminar and the 9 System Review in your email via mp3 and tutoring via skype -- 11 hours worth of tutoring. ( 11 hours group -- $350.00)


    Three: Self study. This includes everything I have to offer on the web site and also includes any updates that may be available. (Comes with a money back guarantee. 13 hours worth of tutoring is all private) Seminar NCLEX questions are included. ($550.00 via mail ) ($500.00 via mp3 for ebooklet and mp3's in 5 emails)

    Fourth: You don't have to purchase anything but what you need to fit your budget. In this way you can "mix and match" and only get what you can afford at this time:

    Looking forward to helping you further ...

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  4. Hi everyone, I took pn nclex pn nov 6 at 1 pm. I took all 205 questions, after test I was so nervous because my friend got 85 questiond and passed. I'm was so upset lookef online found pvt and did it and got the "good pop up" 5 hr after tried again 5 am this morning still good sign. lord i pray it works for me will keep you inform if i passed can pay to get results tomorrow.

  5. Got my results. I passed!!!!!!pvt still
    Works 100% true

  6. good for you!~ congrats! But can you write your comments here? This is the updated site for your comment

  7. Hi. I was wondering if the trick still works--April 2014? I got the pop up but it says there is already a registration can not register again...something like that but does not say contact the board...the results say delivered. Thanks!

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  8. I took the NCLEX PN on Friday May 23 2014 got the good pop up right after the test. Found out today that I passed!

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    1. Dear DocGamboa1 Sorry to say this but you there is a 99.9% chance you failed. Please email or call me 856-392-9620 or

  10. Took my test yesterday may 30 2014. The test shut down at 86 questions and I was the first person done with my test... I'm SUPER nervous! I tried the trick and I got the "good pop up" but one of my nursing buddies said the trick didn't work for her

  11. i took the nclex today and it let me reregister. i don't know if it will let you if you started the test before the scheduled time is a possibility i passed

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