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Can You Help Me Pass My NCLEX?

First, you have to be aware that the nclex changes every 4 years {or less}. So, the advice you will be getting from nurses that you have recently talk to may be inaccurate. If you do talk to a nurse that has taken his/her NCLEX, the important question for you to ask, "When did you sit for the EXAM?" If it was within the year, then yes, you can take their advice. Okay, so you have now talked to a few nurses. Still not knowing what to do, you turn to the internet.

The internet offers a wealth of information but is that information accurate? What do you look for when you surf the web?

Sites that really care about your well being and your success in life will offer material and resources for FREE. Please don't misunderstand me. Of course they will be trying to sell you something. Afterall, it takes countless of hours to put a site together and it costs money to run the site. But I would suggest looking for FREE material first. But before you buy any product you have heard was great or that you feel you may be interest in, email the webmaster. Are they easy to reach? Do they email you back? Can you ask questions easily, do you feel comfortable? If you do, then it is a good sign that you can do business with this person.

Since the nclex changes, be sure the site is fresh and up to date. How will you know? Does that site have an interactive forum? If so, look at the date on the posts. A good site is updated often. Don't bother with a site that has not been updated within the year or that has a bunch of broken links or graphics that do not work. If there are broken links, email the webmaster. If the links are fixed within 2 weeks and no more than a month, then the site is good. The more interactive the site is the better the chance is that it will be a good resource for you and the NCLEX.

Inevitably you will have to buy something there is no doubt about that but first look for FREE resources There is a wealth of free information on the internet gather everything FREE. Practice, post on forums, ask questions and then decide what you need to work on and what you have to buy. I have a tried and true formula so I always recommend my resource material in conjunction with others as you will see.

So now that you have surfed the web it is time to get serious. You are financially strapped. You spent all your money on nursing school and now you have to buy some study material. But what? You have to pass this time.

Everyone needs Lippincott's Review for the NCLEX-RN or Lippincott's Review for the NCLEX-PN whether you just graduated or you have been out of school for years. This is a great book. When purchasing, make sure you get the most recent edition and you can buy it used from or off of your friend. It is great because it is full of questions front to back and they are complete with rationale and are broken down into sub categories based on which part of the body systems a section relates to.

Do you need to refresh your memory with the 9 System Review? If you find that you are weak in any area of nursing, resources regarding this subject is bountiful on the internet. does offer this resource and if you want more information, you can email me. No matter where you get this material, you do not have to worry about the date of this product so you can buy it used from your friend or For example, our Endocrine System is the same today as it was 20 years ago. The function of the human body has not changed. Remember, this is a refresher for you. Before you spend a ton of money, see where you can buy it for less.

The NCLEX is now focusing on Delegation and Prioritization. This change came about due to the events of 9/11/08 and the nursing shortage. There are not a lot of resources on the web pertaining to this subject matter and resource books seem to just touch on this. is the best resource for this. You will find that studying this for the RN and LPN are just about the same except, the RN questions deal with a higher level of critical thinking and delegation across the mutispectrum. With the LPN, it relates to delegating to nursing assistants and other LPN's but the prioritization questions are the same.

The NCLEX is now focusing on Infection Control situations. You have got to understand when a patient can room with someone else and with what type of illness that patient can be in a room with and you have got to understand when a patient needs to be alone. You also need to understand when to gown up and when you do not need to. Surf the web and find the FREE resources. has great resources available on this topic.

The NCLEX now has new format questions. It use to be in the days of old, prespective nurses were coraled into a giant room and took their exam with paper and pen multiple choice style. And as time went by with the advent of computers, we now met at predetermined testing sites and sit at a computer multiple choice style. One question building on the other with no way to go back and look at the previous question. And now today, the powers that be said to themselves, "Hmmm, we know there is a huge nursing shortage but let's throw a monkey wrench into the whole process anyway. Hey! Let's have the questions still be nultiple choice but you can pick more than one answer and you have to pick 'all that apply'. Yeah, that should make it harder." Just when one thinks they have conquered this thing called the NCLEX, They have to deal with now format questions. Everyone needs to buy NCLEX-RN 250 New-Format Questions: Preparing for the Revised NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN 250 New-Format Questions: Preparing for the Revised NCLEX-PN. You can buy this used from or from your friend just make sure you have the latest edition.

Caring 4 You . Net is now offering a Live Online Seminars. I have been helping nursing students pass their NCLEX since 1997 I first started out by putting what I knew about the NCLEX on the internet because I kept answering the same emails over and over again. Hence, Caring 4 You . Net was born. "Healing the community by caring 4 you". This logo was chosen for two reasons, 1). Helping nurses pass the nclex helped my community and 2). I knew the pain of failing and I eventually passed but at the time, I had no one to turn to for help. I wanted to help students heal and achieve their dream. As time went on, I developed a live seminar that I did in person. Delegation and Prioritization: This was developed because the NCLEX changed and books did not meet this need per the changes on the NCLEX. As time went on the NCLEX changed again and I met the changes by developing my seminar, Infection Control and the NCLEX: and now, due to your interest along with many others, recently, I have started LIVE ONLINE SEMINARS. Right now, I have two available that are about one hour no more than two hours long depending on your participation and questions:

How does this seminar work? At a time decided upon between me and you, you will be sent a link. Click on the link and push the 'launch session' button. Once you do this, you will be able to interact with me via a web cam. You also may ask questions via your mic during my seminar or you may write in in the 'chat box' in the seminar. I use the same power point, pdf or word documents in the online seminar that I do in my live seminars at colleges in person. You can also browse through the material I place on the white board or you can participate in answering the questions via your mouse. It is a very new and interesting way to learn via the comfort of your own home!

As the NCLEX keeps evolving, so too, will Caring 4 You . Net. This site is the best on the 'net because of your participation.

There you have it. Take all you have learned in nursing school and combine it with this information and you have the formula for success! Good luck on your exam and God bless .....

Looking forward to your email.

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