Monday, May 19, 2008

Thought For The Day

What is Life? by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© written 10/22/00

Alone in a crowd
qiuet in the mist of commotion
I watch life pass by....
What is Life?

As the people pass hurriedly by
No one stops to talk
As if they were shy--

I catch a glimpse of someone starring
He turns away as if I was darring....

What is Life?

Out the window I gaze
I watch life
But what do I see
through life's hurriedly haze?

I see a couple hug
Showing obvious signs of love....

A child crys for a mother
A hug a kiss and then another....

In a dark alley corner
a tear is wiped away.

A homeless shelter...
a blanket for warmth
food for their hunger.

This is life....

As the people pass hurriedly by.....


  1. that was beautiful..

  2. nice!it's what life looks like today in every corner of the world.standing alone in the crowd!!!!!


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