Friday, May 23, 2008

Live NCLEX Help Every Wednesday Night 7p EST with AnnelieseRN

If you would like specific questions answered you may post them as a comment on this page. I will then reveiw them and see you in the live chat.

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  1. The latest question asked in this chat was as follows:

    Why would someone with anxiety be seen first over the person with a psych disorder who is pacing back and forth?

    [ click here for answer ]

  2. why would someone with airway problem be seen before someone with bleeding?

  3. my name is chinwe,please when is your next live show i'll like to join.

  4. my name is chinwe,so sad i just failed the nclex rn exam but,i must tell you that your site is very reasonable.the 265 questions i bought from your site was fantastic.i wish i knew about it all these while.i'm heart broken,all my plans disrupted.anyway,live goes exam ended on 98 questions most of which are on infection control.ithink my major problem was test anxiety.i got too anxious.most of the questions are topics that i'm familiar soon as i left the test area i began to wonder why i made some ans choices. please i need your advice.remain blessed!

  5. Hai
    I am Janaki
    I am preparing for NCLEX, please let me know where to start n how to satrt studying for NCLEX

  6. I need a study buddy I am taking my test a second time on May 8, 2009. I have been studying every night if there someone out there who would like to throw questions back and forth please let me know. you can reach me at

    Thank you,
    Marilyn in St Louis Mo

  7. I am a student nurse in my first semester and need to interview an LPN about his/her job. Is there anyone willing to help me with that? If so, please e-mail me @
    Thanks, Jenni
    And by the way, I will definitely keep this site in mind as I prepare to take the NCLEX!

  8. im 13 and i want to pass the nclex exam to become a neonatal nurse, i want to start studying early

  9. Hi, im currently fnishing my pre-requists for nursing and im going to take the exam but i panick and always have negative thoughts about failing the exam. I wanted to know what study material is best for the hesi exam and pax exam bc one is an associates degree which i can take the exam now and i qualify for and the other is for a bacholars and i have a couple of more courses. But i would like to take both but dont know what is the best material to make a passing score for both test. If anyone knows advice is greatly appreciated. My email is , thanks Kim

  10. I have a who page about HESI, please go to and click on the HESI link there.

  11. Took the nclex December 26, 2012. Did the pvt 3 hours later and got the pop up message, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam...Another registration cannot be made at this time." I attempted to register several times and again I got the "good pop up" message. I was more than excited! OMG! I couldn't believe I'd passed. "I am finally a RN," I thought to myself. Well, 36 hours later, I was referred to the cc page. I paid the $7.95 48 hours later and found out I failed.Devastating! I took my test once again yesterday, 04/22/13, at noon. I ran out of time; ended at 205 questions. I did the pvt when I got home, and again am getting the "good pop up" message. It is my prayer that I made it this time. I am a nervous rack. Will keep you posted. Be bless!!!

    1. Dear fluffy sounds promising but you are posting in the wrong area to get a response. Please go to the following link and post as everything has been updated.[ Click Here ] Thanks for keeping us posted.


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